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Enter the Abeille Alaska Store

We now have a new website for our Abeille Alaska products. We just launched it but we will be expanding our new site to include our entire product line. To visit our new website click here.
We offer hand-made "Abeille Alaska" moisturizing creams and a deodorant cream that contains Alaska Grown beeswax and honey. We use both our (Earthworks Farm) Alaska Grown beeswax and honey and beeswax from Steve Victors of Alaska Wildflower Honey located in Big Lake Alaska.
Because of the farming practices that we and our neighbors use, our beeswax and honey are free from pesticides, herbicides and other undesirable chemical contamination.
While making our cosmetics, we use the lowest temperature possible to melt and mix the the beeswax and honey, to retain the natural vitality of the special ingredients that the bees put into their beeswax and honey.
The moisturizing cream has only four ingredients. The Alaska Grown ingredients are: beeswax and honey and the additional moisturizing ingredients are: coconut oil and sweet almond oil.

We now have two sizes of our Abeille Alaska Moisturizing Cream, 1.25 oz,  2.00 oz and 2.8 oz are available.
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To order and pay for your Abeille Alaska moisturizing cream online and pick-up in the *Anchorage Area* please click here 
To use this new feature, please call us inadvance of placing your online order for pick-up. ***(907) 745-6725 *** Give us your name, phone number, and when you want to place your order to allow us to process your order when it is made. Our pick-up days are currently Wednesdays and Saturdays. The typical place for pick-up is at the locations where we have our farm stand or fair booth.

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Try our new Deodorant Stick : A 2 oz stick hand-made using our Alaska Grown Beeswax. To order using our online "Square Store" , click here

To purchase our Lotion Bar and other Abeille Alaska cosmetics view our product line below. And if you have questions about purchasing Abeille Alaska products please send us an email. We will respond within 24 hours. Thank you! 



The link below will take you to our "Square" market page for our lotion bar. The lotion bar is $14 each. Just click on the green font which will take you to our square market page of our lotion bars.


Lotion Bar


The link below will take you to our "Square" market page for our lip balm. Our lip balms are packaged in birchwood boxes that are hand finished with a beeswax and linseed oil finish. Each lip balm box is lined with a vegetable wax coated parchment-paper cup to keep the balm moist. Our lip balms in the birch boxes are $12 and in the glass jar are $8. Just click on the yellow font to be taken to our lip balm page on the Square store.

Lemon Eucalyptus Lip Balm 




Our lip balms can now be purchased in the wooden box with a wax seal or in the glass jar. Please indicate which container you would prefer  ($8 or $12 plus shipping). The wooden container is best for the dresser or desk top and the glass jar is practical for the pocket or purse. To order mint lip balm click here: 



Treasure boxes: We now offer our hand-finished birch boxes (empty without product) embellised with a wax seal that we hand-stamped with the emblem of the honey bee. The finish we use is a food-grade beeswax and linseed oil finish. The wax seal is attached to the finished box with a non-toxic non-permanent (ie not superglue) glue. And we gild the honey bee imprint with 18-carat gold gilding.

We have two sizes:  "pill box" (small box used for the lip balms) and 'powder box" size (the larger box used for our soap and lotion bar).

Here is a picture of our small "Treasure boxes" we currently have this size available with a brown wax seal with a gilded gold honey bee.


To choose a Treasure box, click here

Here are our current options for buying our moisturizing cream. If you wish to buy larger quantities please contact us using our email.
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To purchase Moisturizing Cream using PayPal  Click here to come to the purchase page.

To purchase the deodorant stick using PayPal Click Here and scroll to the bottom of the page